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Auntie Mary’s Stove - Upper Holloway, Canvey Island 2001

Part of an installation work, to be viewed with digital stills, furniture and objects.
+4.33 - 2001

+4.33 articulates the artists concern with the passing of time. In these works time is considered a series of momentary periods that pass without being noticed, yet still exists in the universal subconscious. It is the brief, often unnoticed, everyday fleeting moments that are captured and presented for study, contemplation and reflection.
The Pictorial Cabinet Of Marvels - 1999 (ongoing)

A series of fragments for plasma screen
Ten Digital Dances - 1999

A digitised re-construction and assemblage of Eadweard Muybridge's famous experiments with the human figure.

Computer animation / stereo audio / DVD / CD / 5 Minutes
pIng(er) - 1998

Computer and live-action animation

DVD / Colour / 4 mins